There is no place like home. The famous quote from The Wizard of Oz rings true to all who know the heartfelt love that family alone can bring. It is the family home where I find the safety, security and support from those dear to me. A strong family, not a perfect family, but a family that makes room for each other’s faults and commits to each other, is the glue that holds cultures and nations together. Love never fades and it never gives up.

Singing gospel music all over this nation for 27 years has confirmed the fact that we are people one and the same. We love our country, we love our communities and we love our Creator. It is no secret what God can do when a family works and prays together.

Residing in Lancaster Tennessee since 1992 Mike and I along with our twelve-year old son Justin, moved here from Texas to pursue our dream of owning a home in the country, one that we could restore and “make better.”  Many concerts and road trips and years of hard work, coupled with determination, finally paid off in 1998, just in time for Justin’s graduation day. The old Lancaster home place would now hold the life stories of yet another generation. Home is here, in Smith County, where Mike and I hope to grow old together amongst family and friends.

George Whitefield said “No man is the whole of himself. His family is the rest of him.” Together Mike and I with the grace of God, raised a remarkable son who lives in Nashville with his beautiful wife, Sunshine and our two perfect grandsons West and Wynn. Justin continues our music legacy as an accomplished guitar and mandolin player employed by some of Nashville's biggest stars. West, the eldest grandson, is a Tom Petty fan, and has been since a toddler.  “I Won't Back Down” our Petty favorite, continues to be a Weaver theme song especially since “GeGe” has been called to public service. The world of music, writing it and singing it, has been my lively hood for years. It is what I do. Most definitely it is a total GOD thing that 'Representative Weaver'  has also become The National Anthem Chic Singer. LOL. But my family, is the extension of who I am. Being a wife, mother and now a grandmother are priority to me and will prayerfully be my greatest accomplishments.  (Philippians 3:14)

Coming back from a family vacation one Christmas, my son Justin turns around and says to me, “Mom you gotta do what God asks of you. He has a purpose in mind and all He requires is you to trust Him. So run mom, run the race He has placed before you.” What an awesome gift when your child looks you in the eye and encourages you to follow Gods leading. I will never forget that pivotal moment in that space and in that time. I am reminded of Proverbs 31 verse 28, “ Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her.” That my friend is a reward that every woman receives when she fears and honors her Lord. I am truly blessed!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that today I would be serving in the State House of Tennessee, the music capital of the world, as a public official. But it was a call to serve and I simply answered that call. Holding my first grandson and asking, what kind of world will you grow up in and how can I make a difference? West Weaver propelled me to pursue.  And so I serve because of him and his generation. Called to be “salt and light” I am only a voice in the wilderness of a rapidly changing culture, that is steering far from its biblical base and Godly principles. The good news is there are more of us with the same mission statement hoping to make a difference. And that my friend keeps me pressing on!

Serving the Folks of the Fortieth district is an honor. I know there are times we will not always agree on various issues but I am committed to serve with honesty, integrity and remain faithful to traditional family values. It is important to me to listen to BOTH sides and to prayerfully consider all scenario's before making decisions. Working hard for those who hired me to do a job, I am most humbled to be your voice in this great state of Tennessee.

Terri Lynn

Personal Information:
  • Born September 19, 1957
  • Married, 1 child, 2 grandchildren
  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Vice Chair Smith County Republican Party
  • Member of Smith County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Farm Bureau
  • Member of the National Rifle Association
  • Member of Friends of the Library
  • Chair person for the Annual Lancaster Independence Day Parade
  • Host of Annual Acoustic Christmas Eve Service at Carthage Courthouse
  • Participant of the Annual Jordan Hackett Race/walk

Service in Public Office:
  • Secretary, House Transportation Committee
  • Chairman of Transportation Sub Committee
  • House Agriculture Committee
  • Member of House Criminal Justice Committee

Tennessee State Representative
Terri Lynn Weaver

40th District

"Together we can make our world a better place."