Terri Lynn Weaver TN State Rep.

To the Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth District

Greetings and Grace to you.  Now that the primary elections are behind us, may I mention how grateful I am for everyone of you that went to the polls and placed a complimentary vote of confidence for me in the ballot box. Thank you!

Since you elected me in 2008, serving House District 40 is one I take very seriously. Indeed these are the times that “try men souls” so it is vital you have a voice that reflects your concerns and solutions to the issues we face in our great state of Tennessee. You have a representative that mirrors your principles, values and beliefs. I listen to you and see you where you live, work, play and raise your family. Whether being available to you through my Friday Coffee Conversations, community events, at church or at the grocery store I know the district heartbeat of those whom I represent. 

Pressing forward while remaining faithful to our values, such as limited government, living within the means of state budget, protecting our Constitution and traditional family values is paramount to me and keeps me fired up in this call to work for you. Sponsoring legislation that continues to make Tennessee a shining light for other states to see has been my promise and those promises will continue to be kept.

Those of you who know me, know how strongly I believe in teamwork. Every intricate part of the many phases of a campaign involve people such as you, individually gifted, to step up to the plate and do the impossible.  With God and a team there is no mountain that can not be moved. I know this to be true. I have seen the scenario played in 2008, 2010, 2012 and I trust for victory again on November 4, 2014.

Perhaps you would consider hosting a Coffee and Dessert fund-raising home party in your neighborhood inviting folks from your camp. It would be a delight to answer questions and meet eyeball to eyeball with your guests. Your involvement is crucial as we embark into the last phase of this general election cycle. Your financial giving allows me to buy the gasoline, signs and mailers (which will be few) needed to inform the voters the platform of which I stand and the beliefs behind those issues. 

Go to Team Weaver on Facebook to become a Trooper to stay informed and to know how you can help this campaign going forward.

So as the psalmist instructs us in chapter 37:4…. let us trust in the Lord and do good.

Terri Lynn

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State Representative
Terri Lynn Weaver
Terri Lynn Weaver

State Representative
40th District
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