Terri Lynn Weaver TN State Rep.

State Representative
Terri Lynn Weaver
Terri Lynn Weaver

State Representative
40th District
Greetings and Grace to you.

I am truly humbled and I am greatly thankful for your overwhelming confidence to continue representing you in Nashville. Working hard for you is work worth doing and again I thank you for the honor to serve you.

Since you elected me in 2008, serving House District 40 is one I take very seriously. Indeed these are the times that “try men souls” so it is vital you have a voice that reflects your concerns and solutions to the issues we face in our great state of Tennessee. You have a representative that mirrors your principles, values and beliefs. I listen to you and see you where you live, work, play and raise your family. Whether being available to you through my Friday Coffee Conversations, community events, at church or at the grocery store I know the district heartbeat of those whom I represent.  

Pressing forward while remaining faithful to our values, such as limited government, living within the means of state budget, protecting our Constitution, State Sovereignty, and traditional family values is paramount to me and keeps me fired up in this call to work for you. Sponsoring legislation that continues to make Tennessee a shining light for other states to see has been and will remain my mission statement to you.

Soon the gavel will drop and the 110th General Assembly will be in session. But prior to that second Tuesday in January, now is a time much thought and prayer is poured over the key issues your State Representative will herald as a prime sponsor. With the many relevant concerns of Federal overreach in Healthcare, immigration, education, EPA regulations, and the much needed reform of entitlements, it is the states that can resist unconstitutional acts and protect liberty. It is the states that will make the difference and get this great nation back on track. 

In closing I leave you with the words of President James Madison at his Inaugural Address on March 4, 1809:

“ We have all been encouraged to feel in the guardianship and guidance of that Almighty Being, whose power regulates the destiny of nations.”

Terri Lynn