Terri Lynn Weaver TN State Rep.

State Representative
Terri Lynn Weaver
Terri Lynn Weaver
Greetings and Grace to you.

Serving the Fabulous Folks of State House District 40 while working hard to make Tennessee a shining light for other states to see will remain my mission statement to you. I am grateful for your confidence you continue to have for me. During my tenure, Tennessee is now known for its conservative policies and the lowest debt of any state. My Colleagues and I have delivered by keeping our promises of fiscal responsibility and have produced a record reserve fund while keeping taxes low so you can keep more money in your pocketbook. Less is truly more!

Pressing forward doing what I can to promote job growth by cutting regulations on small business is essential in order for Tennesseans to succeed. It is hard work but work worth doing. You have elected me to represent your principles, values and beliefs. I listen to you and see you where you live, work, play and raise your family throughout Dekalb, Smith, Trousdale and Sumner Counties. It is vital I know the heartbeat of those whom I work for.

Allow me to share my heart with you. While knocking on doors during these unprecedented times, it is apparent our Constitutional Republic is in grave danger. Your conversations with me at your doorstep have expressed concerns that in order to preserve our liberties and freedoms we must do all we can to protect it by going to the ballot box. Your vote makes a difference! Your vote matters who governs!

The stakes are very high for 2022. It is simply two choices. A Republic, where citizens govern or Socialism, where far left government owns all. Our Founding Fathers gave to us a Constitutional Republic. It’s up to us to keep it. Let’s continue to shine bright right here in Tennessee. It’s the states that will make the difference and get this great nation back on track!

Please vote. If not for yourself do it for your children and their children!


Terri Lynn

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